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Desperate Housewives Season Finale

Desperate Housewives season finale

desperate housewives season finalePicture Of desperate housewives season finale

After a season that was undoubtedly rocky a rollercoaster ride through a mix of good and bad storylines the minds behind Desperate Housewives managed to put together a season finale that was rather action-packed and full of drama. Just look at the major storylines: a twist-ending bomb, a baby delivered by a serial killer, and a major move off of Wisteria Lane. Now, my fellow Desperate TV Watchers, that's a season finale.

desperate housewives season finalePicture Of desperate housewives season finale

But before we get to all that, what I loved most about last night's goodbye to season 6 was the delicious setup it gave to season 7, potentially making the next year one of the series' best. Two huge storylines were put into motion, and they seem like good ones. First, we've got a baby switch coming on the Lane this fall. Specifically, last night, an old nurse at Fairview Memorial, Teresa Pruitt, confessed on her deathbed that there'd been a baby switch on her watch. We weren't given any clues to work with about who it was, besides the news that it's someone on Wistera Lane, natch.

desperate housewives season finalePicture Of desperate housewives season finale

Now, the Desperate producers could take this storyline in one of two directions. It could concern a switch between a child of the main housewives and someone random or, with the potential to be much juicier, a switch between two children of the main housewives. I was thinking about whose kids are around the same age and sex and wasn't coming up with much. I had the thought, however, that this seemingly random storyline could have something to do with next season's other big storyline — the return of Mary Alice's husband Paul. See, do you all remember their creepy son Zach? Could it be that, maybe, Andrew and Zach were switched at birth? I have a feeling that the baby switch has something to do with Zach or Paul. Actually it must otherwise, it just won't be as interesting.

desperate housewives season finalePicture Of desperate housewives season finale

But anyway, the second storyline for next season Paul's return should be good. That the producers are dipping back into stories from earlier seasons is a good sign — mostly because those seasons were much better than the last couple. I say, let's bring some of that yesteryear magic back! Paul moving in clarified why Susan and Mike and MJ had to move off of the lane mostly so that Mary Alice's husband would have somewhere to live. Although it's not exactly clear about why, for story purposes, Paul needed Susan and Mike's house specifically. Couldn't the producers have just created a new house on the Lane for him to live in and left Susan and Mike there? I'm betting there's a sick and twisted reason why Paul needed that house, and we'll find out more about that come September. Also, bringing Paul back means that the delightfully nasty Felicia might also make a return appearance. Which: Yes! Love her.

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