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Plane crash in Iran kills 72

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Plane crash in Iran kills 72

Plane crash in Iran kills 72 ~ Trends In Retail
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Plane crash in Iran kills 72

An IranAir passenger jet crashed into the northwest city of Orumiyeh, Iran tonight as it attempted to make a crash landing. Of the 105 passengers on the plane, 72 were killed and 33 were seriously injured. Among the dead were all 12 crew members.

Poor weather conditions made it difficult for the Boeing 727 to crash-land safely in Orumiyeh, a city 430 miles north-west of Tehran. The jetliner crashed at 7:45 P.M. Iranian time (11:15 EST).

The head of Iran's Emergency Services, Reza Masoomi, was quoted as saying, "Fortunately, reports say that the plane did not explode upon impact," implying that the crash may have happened as the plane was nearing its destination. Rescue attempts were obstructed by the poor weather, but 11 hospitals were on alert to receive the 33 injured fliers.

The incident was the first major Iranian plane crash since July of 2009.


Urmia or Orumieh is a city in Northwestern Iran and the capital of West Azerbaijan Province. The city lies on an altitude of 1,330 m above sea level on the Shahar Chay river (City River). Urmia is the 10th most populated city in Iran with a population of about 600,000. The population is predominantly Azerbaijani and Kurdish, with significant Assyrian and Armenian minorities.

Urmia is situated on a fertile plain called Urmia Plain, on western side of Lake Urmia; and eastern side of Turkish border and marginal range of mountains.

Urmia is the trade center for a fertile agricultural region where fruit (especially Apple and Grape) and Tobacco are grown. An important town by the 9th cent., Urmia was seized by the Seljuk Turks (1184), and later occupied a number of times by the Ottoman Turks. Urmia was the seat of the first U.S. Christian mission in Iran (1835). Around 1900 Christians made up more than 40% of the city's population, however, most of the Christians fled in 1918.

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